• Understanding the Norwegian Utilities Regulation – Forsyningsforskriften
    This article describes how to procure products and services in accordance with the Norwegian Utilities Regulation (Norwegian: Forskrift om innkjøpsregler i forsyningssektoren, Forsyningsforskriften) and Norwegian Procurement Act (Norwegian: Lov om offentlige anskaffelser). The objective is to provide answers and guidance on key questions related to the use of framework … Read more
  • PowerPoint: How to Debug a PowerPoint Add-in?
    In this article we will show you how to debug a standard PowerPoint add-in. There are two kinds of add-ins available for Microsoft PowerPoint: PowerPoint Add-in Macro (.ppam) COM add-in In this article we will explain how you can debug a standard .ppam add-in for PowerPoint. This kind of … Read more
  • Visual Studio: Regular expression to apply NameOf operator
    The introduction of the nameof operator in C# and NameOf in Visual Basic.NET has made it easier to refactor large sections of code. If you have existing code with manually supplied variable names as string literals, the values should be updated with the new operator to improve the readability. … Read more
  • PowerPoint: Change Proofing Language for entire Presentation
    Changing the proofing language of the entire presentation, i.e. the editing language used by the built-in spell checker, is not a straight forward task in Microsoft PowerPoint. It is quite strange why Microsoft has not made this common task more accessible to the user. If a presentation that should … Read more
  • Etsy: How to get an Etsy Referral Link?
    Are you looking for an Etsy referral link? If you are, then you’re at the right place. There are in fact two types of referral links offered by Etsy. This article show you how to get started with both. What is Etsy? Etsy is a global marketplace where people … Read more
  • Fiverr: Get 10% discount OFF on your first purchase
    Fiverr is the world’s leading online marketplace for creative and professional services. The website provides services for freelancers and small business owners, and strives to help freelancers from all over the world grow their businesses by providing work opportunities and access to a global market place. You can get … Read more
  • Kyokushin Karate
    Kyokushin Karate, also known as Kyokushinkai, is a full contact, self-defense style of karate that was developed in Japan by Masutatsu Oyama (大山倍達) in 1964. Kyokushin is one of the three major traditional styles of karate, along with Shotokan and Wado-ryu. 極真会 (Kyokushinkai) is a Japanese word that means … Read more
  • Attendance Tracker Template for Microsoft Excel
    Employees and their managers often need to know how many vacation days they have left, how many sick days they’ve used, and whether or not they have personal days left. The user-friendly attendance tracker template from Coragi makes it possible for you to record attendance as well as a … Read more
  • Lock Aspect Ratio
    “Lock Aspect Ratio” is the possibility to preserve the relative width and height when you resize an image or graphics shape. When locked, the original proportions of the selected shape are preserved when the height or width is changed. If the aspect ratio unlocked, then you can change the … Read more
  • Sprained ankle: How to prevent and treat a reoccurring injury
    Ankle sprains are one of the most common joint injuries, with almost everyone suffering from a minor strain or sprain at some point during their lives. As a result, learning how to treat a sprained ankle is wise whether you’re treating yourself, a family member, or someone in your … Read more
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