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Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio: Regular expression to apply NameOf operator

The introduction of the nameof operator in C# and NameOf in Visual Basic.NET has made it easier to refactor large sections of code. If you have existing code with manually supplied variable names as string literals, the values should be updated with the new operator to improve the readability. A nameof expression in C# outputs the […]

Microsoft Visual Studio

.NET: Alternatives to the .NET Reflector

.NET Reflector is dead, long live ILSpy. Well, .NET Reflector is not really dead, as you might already know, but you now have to pay if you want to use the disassembler. Below we have listed the most common alternatives to the previously popular tool: ILSpy dotPeek JustDecompile Mono Cecil Kaliro Dotnet IL Editor (DILE) […]

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2019: Debug the .NET assemblies

The .NET framework is under heavy development and bugs are removed by Microsoft developers when found. However, you may still experience major bugs that might cause your application to crash. Sometimes it is even hard to determine whether it is a bug in your own code or in the framework. This issue has been taken […]

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