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Microsoft Visual Studio

.NET: Alternatives to the .NET Reflector

.NET Reflector is dead, long live ILSpy. Well, .NET Reflector is not really dead, as you might already know, but you now have to pay if you want to use the disassembler. Below we have listed the most common alternatives to the previously popular tool: ILSpy dotPeek JustDecompile Mono Cecil Kaliro Dotnet IL Editor (DILE) […]

Microsoft Excel

Excel VBA: Using .NET string.Format in Excel

The functions string.Format and StringBuilder.AppendFormat are two very usefull functions for formatting strings and increasing the readability of your .NET code. The Format function in VBA unfortunately works in a quite different way than the string.Format function in .NET. As far as I know there is no built-in function in VBA to acomplish the exactly same result as string.Format. In Excel VBA the […]

Microsoft Excel

Excel VBA: Adding custom buttons to the Right-Click popup menu

In Microsoft Excel it is possible to extend the right click popup menu by using VBA. The right click menu is implemented as a special CommandBar (like the toolbars in Excel 2003) with the name “Cell”. Customs buttons are added before the popup menu is displayed. It is up to yourself to make sure that […]

Microsoft Excel

Excel VBA: Adding custom Button to the Toolbar or Ribbon

Custom buttons are added to the toolbars or ribbons when a Microsoft Excel sheet is opened, and removed when the sheet is closed. To be notified when a given Excel sheet is loaded we need to listen to the Workbook_Open event of the ThisWorkbook object found in the VBA Project explorer. Please notice that the following code works best with […]

Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2019: Debug the .NET assemblies

The .NET framework is under heavy development and bugs are removed by Microsoft developers when found. However, you may still experience major bugs that might cause your application to crash. Sometimes it is even hard to determine whether it is a bug in your own code or in the framework. This issue has been taken […]

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