Coragi MeetingRoom

Meetings are very important in any company. They help people to share information, make decisions or come up with solutions together. That is why it is important to schedule them properly and make sure that they are not interfering with other meetings. Coragi MeetingRoom will help you do all this by providing an easy way to set up meetings, search for the best time and date, find the right location and reserve it before someone else does!

Coragi MeetingRoom is an meeting room scheduler that can be used to find a time and place for your meetings. It is a great tool for both small and large teams. With this scheduler you can make sure that you’re are not wasting time by scheduling meetings in spaces that are not available or when the participants don’t have time to attend.

There are many features in the software, like the ability to search for available meeting rooms by location, time, date, or availability. The tool utilizes Microsoft Exchange Online (O365) functionality to find the most feasible time for all participants. It features a calendar with availability information of all participants, and it helps to find free spots based on tentative statuses.

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