Excel VBA: Get all the Selected rows

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Excel VBA: Get all the Selected rows

If the user selects multiple rows in Microsoft Excel, the selection can contain multiple areas. An area is a subselection of rows created when the user presses the Shift button while doing a multiselect. In VBA we need to handle each area independently to be able to retrieve all the selected rows.

' Example
Public Sub Test()
    Dim objSelection As Range
    Dim objSelectionArea As Range
    Dim objCell As Range
    Dim intRow As Integer

    ' Get the current selection
    Set objSelection = Application.Selection

    ' Walk through the areas
    For Each objSelectionArea In objSelection.Areas

        ' Walk through the rows
        For intRow = 1 To objSelectionArea.Rows.Count Step 1
            ' Get the row reference
            Set objCell = objSelectionArea.Rows(intRow)

            ' Get the actual row index (in the worksheet).
            ' The other row index is relative to the collection.
            intActualRow = objCell.Row

            ' Get any cell value by using the actual row index
            ' Example:
            strName = objNameRange(intActualRow, 1).value
End Sub

In the example we have not defined the variables strName and objNameRange. For your reference the variables are defined as follows:

Dim strName As String
Dim objNameRange As Range

objNameRange can be any range in your selected worksheet.


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