PDF File: What is a .PDF file, and how do I create it?

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PDF File: What is a .PDF file, and how do I create it?

PDF is the acronym of “Portable Document Format”, and the format was originally designed by Adobe for printing. The format is based on the PostScript language which is supported by most printers. The internal file structure encapsulates a complete description of any texts, fonts, vector graphics, raster images, etc. You might already be familiar with the PDF document readers provided free of charge by Adobe, or the editors used to edit existing documents.

PDF is a widespread file format, but you need certain tools to make a file. Some tools are complicated and require a lot of time to get familiar with them. This kind of effort won’t pay back if you just need to convert a single JPG file into PDF format.

If you need an easy way to generate a PDF document from a set of pictures, then Coragi ImagePrint is the right tool for you. The tool allows you to resize and position pictures on a sheet of paper just the way you want. You can even rotate the images and adjust the colors. For a more detailed explanation on how to convert a set of JPG and PNG images to PDF, please visit the following article:

If you need to create a more complex PDF document, with both text, pictures and tables, you should consider to buy a more advanced tool like Adobe Acrobat DC.

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