WEBP File: What is a .WEBP file and how do I open it?

WebP File
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WEBP File: What is a .WEBP file and how do I open it?

WebP, the acronym for “Web Picture Format”, is an image file format which contains image data with both lossless and lossy compression. The format is currently beeing developed and improved by Google. It should be noted that it is still under development and it has great prospects to be utilized on the Internet for image sharing.  

The WebP is basically a derivative of the WebM video format. The compressed format is capable of making the file size up to 34% smaller than the JPEG and PNG image formats while retaining a high quality.

The compression process of these images is based on the prediction of pixels from their surrounding blocks. This allows pixels to be used multiple times in a single file. The format also supports animated images and expected to support more features in the future.

The WebP format is currently not supported by ImagePrint, but we plan to include this format in a future release.

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